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Jonathan Crane.
Former Head Psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum in Gotham City.
Are you afraid of the Boogeyman?

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You cannot
from fear, for
fear is not a

【in the footsteps of fear || penrosexsteps】


It’s a practiced movement, unhindered by fear. White-faced, Arthur levels his gun at the man’s head, and his palm fits familiar against the grip. He won’t shoot. He couldn’t, gripped so firmly by a sudden irrationality (and the fact that Jonathan was in there, somewhere), but Scarecrow, perhaps, didn’t know that. And that would lend him the advantage.

But his curiosity gets the better of him. 

He only watches over the sight of his glock as the man starts draws something from his kit - even though he thumbs back the safety, brushes the trigger twice if as he’s actually considering firing for even a moment. He’s a snake - and Arthur doesn’t notice how his words coil around him and leave him paralyzed until it’s too late.

The stench of blood, fresh, fills the air. It grows so thick in his nostrils that he withdraws and brings a sleeve to his nose, fighting the urge to retch. Fumbles with his weapon - but what he sees makes him forget his grip, the gun slipping and skittering across the floor.

Gaze fixed on the image of Crane, crimson dripping sluggish from his mouth, nose, eyes, Arthur stumbles back a step, heart painful against his ribs.

He knows, somewhere in his vague concept of social norms, that he should have ducked. Should have held up his hands, should have yielded when Arthur pulled the gun. And, yet, if anything, the Scarecrow found it amusing. Because while he’s a ‘vicious monster’, he’s smart. Jonathan is still in him somewhere and so is his knowledge. Of psychology, of people, and, specifically, of Arthur.

Arthur, who cares too much about the wretch of a doctor to put a bullet in his brain. Arthur, the stoic with too kind eyes for his profession. Arthur, who has been compromised.

It’s obvious, as it always is, when the toxin takes effect and in that moment Scarecrow can’t help but laugh. He loves virgins. Yes, when he finally perfects the strain for the Bat, there will be nothing more satisfying than watching the caped crusader live through his own worst nightmares—but this is good too, the wide eyes and ‘oh, God, what’s happening???’ look on Arthur’s face as horrors unknown to Scarecrow pass in front of him.

He hums as he walks towards the gun, a discordant music box mockery. Picking up the gun, Scarecrow empties the clip and in a swift move fires the bullet in the chamber just past Arthur’s head, not even nicking him but, in the toxin-induced world that Arthur inhabits, the Scarecrow is sure that the image of Johnny-boy pointing a gun at him is scary enough without it being fired.

You see?" He asks, continuing on from before. "And while I admit my way can be’s sure as hell effective. Now…why don’t you have a seat and tell Doctor Crane what’s wrong?

❝ℋier ℊibt ℯs ℳonster❞

                Calling it mass mutilation was a bit overkill. There were 12 professors at
         most in the Gotham University’s psychology department. And besides, you
                     couldn’t even tell they’d been mutilated unless you got up close, the
          stitching was very delicate, the product of a steady hand and far more patience
                                  than anyone would expect from the Scarecrow.

             But, then, he’s been planning this for weeks. Johnny-boy had some idea, of
                     course, but it used to be called “split personality” for a reason. So while
         they shared a mind and a body, it wasn’t impossible for the Scarecrow to keep
                                                     secrets from the good doc.

               Because no matter how crass or brutal he may be, he’s smart. He has to
           be to have survived this long in Gotham, especially during the years Johnny let
                           him have absolute free reign. Ah, those were the days. But now?
                                            Now he has to savor the time he gets.
                                                     Now, he has to make it count.

                                                    And this certainly makes the cut.

                        ‘This’, of course, being the makeshift crucifixion field on the Gotham
quad. Hung on crosses, the similarities to Jesus end with their nail
                    pierced palms
as the bodies of Johnny-boy’s former colleagues in the
department have had their innards replaced with straw.
                   And, not one to be wasteful
 the Scarecrow had meticulously collected
                 said innards to put to another use. The
lungs and livers and hearts and
                such were sliced apart, chemically treated, and
 arranged artfully in front of 
                  the scene to spell out ‘vindictis’—more as a
 message for the reporters to
                                            see rather than one of any genuine 

                      The intestines, both large and small, had been strung around
 crosses like garland (a still warm, dripping garland), and the eyes
                   and tongues 
of the victims had been scattered around the base of the
                                                           crosses, left for the crows.

                  Yep, Scarecrow has definitely learned to make his time in control count. 

☣ Out Of Toxin || Shipping ☣

I’ve gotten some messages, both on and off tumblr, wondering how shipping with Jonathan is going to work now/if it’s alright, etc. 

Just to clear things up, Jonathan and Edward are only together in the Mainverse. So, if you want to roleplay with Jonathan in the Mainverse (as in, post Sola-Bellum arc), then, sorry, no shipping that isn’t unrequited because Jonathan is many things but he isn’t disloyal, especially to someone like Edward whom he’s worked so hard to get back into his life.

The other verses, though, he’s single. Sola Bellum and Everybody Lives AU—and also any other verse you’d like!

In the Everybody Lives verse, Juliet hasn’t died and Jonathan and Edward are still friends so, while there may be some romantic and sexual tension, Jonathan isn’t fully committed to either person, meaning if someone else comes along who he clicks with, things can happen. 

The Sola Bellum AU takes place after Edward left Jonathan for good, meaning Juliet is dead. Unlike in the Mainverse, here Edward does not come back and Jonathan has been left alone and desperate for attention and/or affection. Now, in this verse, Jonathan is extremely damaged, meaning Scarecrow is likely to come out and any relationship Jonathan forms with your character will most likely at least begin as unhealthy (ie, Jonathan being extremely dependent). That isn’t saying they can’t be improved and made into (at least somewhat) healthy relationships, just that there will be more work to get there compared to the Everybody Lives verse.

I’m thinking of doing a High School AU (I have the perfect faceclaim picked out), and I’m open to most AU ideas, so it’s not as if Jonathan is only ever in the Mainverse.

So, yeah, please don’t be intimidated by Jonathan being in a relationship in the Mainverse—the point of having AUs is so that other events can occur regardless of the Mainverse. This isn’t an invitation to force ships, of course, but if your character has an attraction to Jonathan, the way for them to act on it would be in any of the AUs I have.

For better explanations, feel free to look at my Universes page—though this doesn’t contain the high school AU I’m thinking of, or any of the others, because I haven’t written in them yet.



Gerard Way’s Batman comic concept.


Gotham City Sirens #9 - Pieces of the Puzzle”

written by Paul Dini
art by Guillem March


"Brains always triumph over brawn, my friend. Always."

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